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DeFX Multi-effects processor Plug-in for Winamp/XMMS

  • If you already know DeFX and just want to download the latest version (0.97), click on any of the consoles at the bottom or use this links...

  • Download:
    • DeFX for XMMS (Compiled binary, 15KB)
    • DeFX for Winamp (PIMP'd .EXE, 65KB)
    • Source code for XMMS/Linux version will be avalaible soon
Click here to download DeFX for XMMS NOW!
This is the XMMS (Linux) version of DeFX (15Kb)
  • The documentation (brief description, instalation) for the latest version is avalaible HERE.

  • If you want some background information about it (parameters, algorithms), or want to listen to some samples in MP3 format, go HERE...
Click here to download DeFX for Winamp NOW!
This is the Winamp (Win32) version of DeFX (63Kb)
DeFX is a plug-in module for Winamp and XMMS. They are audio players that support many audio/multimedia formats (MP3, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, MPG, AVI...) for the Windows and Linux platform respectively.
Winamp and XMMS provide an open architecture that lets other people to develop modules that extend its funtionality. You can add Input Plugins to support any format created or not yet created (SID, for example), or you can add Visualization Plugins to add new ways of viewing music (more than osciloscopes or spectrum analysers). Also there are other types of plugins like Output, General and Effect Plugin.

DeFX belongs to this last type of plugin. With DeFX you can alter the sound that Winamp/XMMS have processed, before it will be sent to your sound card, in other words, DeFX take its place between Winamp/XMMS and your sound card